Gatsby Final Exam Prompt

You can check it out here for a limited time. I will provide a hard copy next class. Also, check out the course specific page, handouts section. I’ve posted several salient scholarly articles for your viewing pleasure.


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Like, Really Good Essays…

As you may know, I have a tradition of publishing essays that deserve recognition here on my blog. Here’s the latest batch. Congratulations to the student-scholar-authors. I hope that you all take the time to appreciate these. (I typically post the best one or two, but this time there were six worthy! A record!) All are posted with the authors’ express permissions.

Like Really Cold Blood One

Like Really Cold Blood Two

Like Really Cold Blood Three

Like Really Cold Blood Four

Like Really Cold Blood Five

Like Really Cold Blood Six

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“Pierre Menard” Precis Assignment

AP Scholars:

Here’s your next labor of love. Embrace the struggle.

Assignment Page

“Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote” by Jorge Luis Borges

Due Date: Mon Feb 12, Tues Feb 13 (Odd, Even)

Deadline: Friday Feb 16 (both)

If you have a presentation due Monday or Tuesday, you have an automatic one-class extension.

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Gatsby Twitter Beef

Aye. Here are the directions. You may begin beefing as soon as you’ve read the first chapter.

Also, you must indicate in your name what period you belong to. You should add your class period to your @name. If you forgot to do this, you can always just change your name (e.g. Nick Carraway pd3).


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Gatsby Text Leaders

Dear Young Scholars:

You have been assigned to lead a class presentation on a chapter of The Great Gatsby.

Here’s the assignment page. It lists all the requirements and your group members.

I will be in charge of the first presentation next class.

When you are not presenting, you will either be assigned to: 

A) Generate probing questions

B) Write a short evaluation of the group presentation.

C) Livetweet commentary, using hashtag: #gatsbypresentationchapterX.

This means that everyone, presenters and audience alike must be keeping up with the reading schedule.

You may wish to elect someone to facilitate a shared google doc with links to all the presentations so that the class can have access to them all. This is recommended, but not required. I will not facilitate this process. However, do not depend on these presentations for your analysis of the book. You must do your own thinking. In fact, your interpretation of the chapter may differ from the group presentation. That is almost always a good thing.

You will be required to write a culminating paper on this novel, so you should also take notes during the presentations and keep a dialectical journal for each reading chunk.

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Welcome to Semester B (2017-2018)

My Dear Fellow Young Scholars:

I look forward to this semester and I hope you do too.

Please make sure to sign up for my class on, (this applies even if you had my class last semester).

Directions for signing up are here.

Please take care to sign up for the correct section. If your schedule changes and you need to switch sections: please let me know so that I can drop you from the old section and you can sign up for the new one.

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Columnist Profile Celebration

Dear AP Scholars:

Please join me in celebrating the work of one of your peers. This paper gets the award for this year’s best Columnist Profile.

An Analysis of George Will


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