Common Task 10.1.2

For your second common task, you are asked to:

Present material from a text using oral interpretation or storytelling techniques.

You may choose to present an episode from the novel Black Boy; OR

Perform a poem (from class, from your favorite poet, or an original work); OR

Record and animate a poem (same options)

If you need inspiration for poetry, click on Poet’s Corner on the left hand side of this page.

view your rubrics below:

Rubrics for Oral Interpretation



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4 responses to “Common Task 10.1.2

  1. Kelsey Terhune-Cotter

    Thank you for posting the information about this assignment. I needed it. This is due tomorrow right?

  2. Kelsey Terhune-Cotter

    I am confused about exactly what to do to present the episode from black boy. Do we have to memorize it? How can we rephrase it and do we have to?

    • mrklein

      If you choose to retell an episode from Black Boy, you will use storytelling techniques to present the story to the class. You may use note-cards to help you, but reading straight from the page will result in a lower grade. You will probably need to do some improvisation, but the story should be fairly accurate and engaging.

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