Common Task 10.1.3 (Due: 10/19-10/20, Deadline 10/24-10/25)

We’ve been reading Black Boy, by Richard Wright.  Wright’s text is considered autobiographical.  An autobiographical novel like this blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction.  Wright paints a complex and brutal picture of growing up in the Jim Crow South and “escaping,” to Chicago, yet his text is not restricted to a straight re-telling of facts.  He is free to alter names of characters, re-sequence events, exaggerate and omit.  Wright’s work is still essentially true because it evokes the true meanings of his experience.  In many ways, Black Boy is more true than a mere laundry list of the events and facts of Wright’s life because it involves interpretation, analysis and reflection.  As Wright re-tells and reflects upon the events of his life, he’s making meaning! 


Your assignment:  Write a narrative essay or memoir about a meaningful personal experience.


2-3 pages typed.  Double-spaced.  Calibri 12pt, Comic Sans 11pt or Times New Roman 12pt.

What Good Writers Do

Freytag’s Pyramid

C.T. 10.1.3 Rubric

Guidelines for Writing Dialogue




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3 responses to “Common Task 10.1.3 (Due: 10/19-10/20, Deadline 10/24-10/25)

  1. Thuy Ngan Le

    can dream be meaningful experience?

    • mrklein

      Dreams are often meaningful, but I would avoid writing about a dream for this assignment. If you are passionate about it, you’ll need to come see me to discuss it.

  2. Amanuel YEAAAAAAH

    can it be more than 3 pages?

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