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Holiday Break Work


You will need to do the following:

1) Finish reading Wilson’s The Piano Lesson.

2) Complete whatever missing work/reassessments you owe me.

3) Check out the Semester Exam Review (look around, you’ll see a new page)

4) Give your parent or guardian a hug for no reason.

5) Be safe and enjoy your break.


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2012 MLK Essay Contest

If you are interested, I need your entry the day after you get back from Christmas break. 

Blair will submit 5 semi-finalists to the contest, and I will read them first to see if there are any contenders to submit to the panel. 

The Blair panel will need to submit by Friday, January 13th 2012, which is why I would need to get these sooner rather than later. 

More information here

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Hero Docs and Penelope Article

Hero Docs FYI the “characteristics of a hero” are not mine, nor do they necessarily express my opinion(s).  In previous years I’ve asked students to write down what they think are the essential characteristics of a hero.  The ones listed are a collection of previous, popular student responses.

Penelope Article There were some formatting errors, so just pay attention to the pdf looking pictures.  The entire document will not load, so email me if you would like me to send you the whole article.

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C.T. 10.2.1 Poem Analysis

For those of you that did not complete the poem analysis, or need to re-submit, here are the poems that we used in class.  If you choose to analyze a new poem for reassessment, remember that you must have it approved by me first.

Helen Poems



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The Great Penelope Debate

Friends, Romans, Countrymen:  Be ready to debate next class…

Here are links to your assignment page as well as your debate responsibilities:

Penelope Debate Assignment

Debate Responsibilities Period 3 

Debate Responsibilities Period 7

Debate Responsibilities Period 2

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C.T. 10.2.3- Odyssey Poem: Due 12/12-12/13

The deadline for the poem is on the date of the final: 12/16-12/19.

Here are the documents that I provided in class to help you through this process:

Kirke and Penelope Analysis

Process Packet

Siren’s Song

Student Odyssey Poem Samples

Odyssey Poem Rubric

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