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Rhetoric page updated

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Take-Home Exam Announcement

I have decided to make a change with regard to the due date of the Final for TFA. 

This is a qualified extension: READ CAREFULLY

1) Periods 3,7 may turn in the Final Exam in class on Monday 2/13 while Period 2 may turn it in on Tuesday 2/14 under the following condition:

You must start on the Final, make significant progress, and bring your work with you to the next class, (Thursday 2/9 for Periods 3,7 and Friday 2/10 for Period 2).  Significant progress is defined as full completion of 1 of the 2 parts OR partial completion of BOTH sections (for example, you’ve answered most, if not all of the short answers and you have a detailed outline for your essay).  Significant progress will be my judgement call.  Put in the effort and time; do not depend on your ability to argue or any further leniency on my part. 

I will check your work in class and give you a mark on the assignment page I handed out in class.  You will bring that paper with you, which will serve as your pass to turn in the assignment 2/13-14 without late penalty. 

If you do not meet this requirement and hand in the final on 2/13-14, your final will be marked late and you be penalized one letter grade.  2/13-2/14 is a deadline for late papers.  For those who meet the requirement, 2/13-2/14 is a due date, and the deadline (including late penalty) is the following class.

Consider this my Valentine’s Day present.

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