“Not all people exist in the same Now. They do so only externally, by virtue of the fact that they may all be seen today. But that does not mean that they are living at the same time with others.” – Ernst Bloch



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  1. Paul B. Ellis

    The cool thing about this statement is that it applies both ways (those living in the past, and those living in the future). Also leaves a lot to think about in terms of being “here” physically and/or mentally (temporally).

    • mrklein

      Paul, yes. This is the modern concern with the post-modern observation that institutions have created a fragmentary society. If you want to experience this yourself, you need not travel far. In fact, my trip to Puerto Rico, in some ways, was like traveling back in time an entire decade. Even the pop muzak piped in poolside was ten years old. There are many, many things responsible for this fragmented way of life. Only in understanding the nature of our society and its institutions does there lie hope for overcoming.

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