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The Borowitz Report

If you’re not reading the Borowitz Report, your life is somewhat impoverished.

Facebook Unveils New Waste of Time


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Huck Research…

So, because I’m absurdly nice, I’ve added to the “Huck Finn Research ‘Canon'” on the AP Lang page.  You should feel free to use the links on my blog to read many, if not all of these articles.  It’s my way of saying, “I know you can’t always be in a library doing research, so why not just use my blog to access the literary criticism you crave?”  Work anywhere, any time from your smartphone!  You’re welcome.

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Synthesis Essay

Hey AP Lang-ers:

I noticed that you all did A LOT worse on the synthesis essay compared to the rhetorical analysis and argument.  Actually, it freaks me out a little.  Many of you lost your voice, letting the sources speak for you.   Others merely summarized the sources.  Still others had weak, strained links between sources or in your argument in general.  You need set the tone and build an argument that takes the sources into account.  Your argument should be larger in scope than any single source.

I don’t really know how to fix this considering that AP exams are coming up on Friday!

So, I took the prompt, timed myself and wrote a quick model essay for you.  Don’t worry so much about matching my quality.  I want you to please review this and compare it to what you wrote so that you can make sure that your approach matches mine.

“American Literary Canon?” – Model Synthesis Essay

Also, take a look at AP Central’s repository of Free Response questions, and review a couple other synthesis essays.  Look at the rubric and the scored student samples.  TRUST ME, THIS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR YOU.

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