National Book Festival

Save the Date: Saturday, 21 September 2013:

Two great authors, Don Delillo and Margaret Atwood will be speaking at this year’s National Book Festival.  My wife and I will be in attendance.  I welcome all students (and their parents) to attend.  This is not a school sponsored event, nor am I requiring you to come.

You and/or your friends, parents, etc. will travel to and from this event on your own as free citizens.

If you have the time and inclination, feel free to join us.  I plan to listen to both Delillo and Atwood (10:00-11:40am) and then stick around for the book signing (I hope to leave with a signed copy of White Noise and The Handmaid’s TaleUnderworld is unwieldy [but I might bring it anyway as my infamous capriciousness unbridled literary enthusiasm sometimes rates me irrational]).  Anyone who comes and sticks around is also welcome to get a bite to eat after the event and discuss the experience.

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  1. Arjuna Subramanian

    As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I will certainly be in attendance and hope to see you there.

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