Junior Achievement Essay Contest

Up to $110,000 in scholarship money is up for grabs, just for writing an essay.  Interested students can go and enter electronically.  Please note that only serious essays, meeting the specified word limit and addressing the topic will count.  Deadline: November 6th, 2013.


Here’s some help if you’re interested but puzzled.

What is the difference between a business entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur?

This site provides an example of a social entrepreneur:


This quote comes from the above web site:

The concept behind Social Venture Network might seem conventional today, but its beginning was the result of an uncommon vision. As Josh Mailman says, “We decided to build a new paradigm: one in which business operates to add value to society — without compromising the well-being of future generations.”

Here is another:


Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, social entrepreneurs find what is not working and solve the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution, and persuading entire societies to take new leaps.

Business entrepreneurs are the more traditional entrepreneurs.  Examples:

Please refer to the site for essay writing tips and other information that will make your essay competitive and possibly be in the running to win $10,000.


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