Please read this as sardony, intending to point out, rather than sarcasm, intending to wound

Drawing lots that look like straws and grabbing at them only to come up with the short

My analysis consists of a comparison that recognizes

that each work has exactly the same number of characters

and that each work has exactly the same number of words;

Furthermore, the works begin and end with the same letters

which proves that there’s no such thing as coincidence my friend

and that no one should use the word furthermore,


In fact, the works’ repetition of the word works

to grab the reader’s attention

and successfully convince the audience of their ardour,

while purposely preferring the British spelling of color,

is off-putting.

It is also true (is it?) that the authors are aware

that Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln and

that Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and

that none have bothered to verify if these are indeed historical facts,

which is jarring for the audience,

and which shows how good I am at analyzation, throughout the work.

No, this.


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