Wunderkinder of AP Lang…this one’s for you!

Mr. Klein's Online Classroom

So, I’ve been grading a lot over this break.  A lot, a lot.  Too much even.  But, there’s a silver lining.  Sometimes when I’m thinking a lot about student writing, a good idea emerges.  You’re all thinking, “So, tell us! We need to know!”  Well, shh…if you’re quiet for a second, I will tell you.  Why do you think I turned on this confounded, light producing box and am typing all of these Latin characters in mutually agreed upon linguistic patterns for?  Sheesh.


I have to build a little context first though, so keep your shoes and socks on.  For those in a hurry, you can skip the next section (though your life will be greatly impoverished as it’s really entertaining).


O.K. picture this.  I’m lecturing my 9th period magnet 10th grade honors class on the value of titling their essays.  They had just handed me a stack of…

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