Mighty Columnist Project (AP Lang)

Dear AP Langers:

It’s that time of year. This is the project you’ve been waiting for (it’s actually not bad and most students find it really beneficial). The assignment page is listed HERE and on the course specific page.

Here are the due dates for all assignments: (read: Column responses are half on ODD and half on EVEN days. That means that you have until that day.  For ALL STUDENTS the response is expected on the date listed. If you do not have class on a due date, you have two options: a) Turn it in the day before it is due, in class b) Turn the hard copy in to my desk in the English office, room 141.)

Column Response #1:  DUE: 11/14 EVEN

Column Response #2:  DUE: 11/21 ODD

Column Response #3:  DUE: 12/5 ODD

Column Response #4:  DUE: 12/12 EVEN

Columnist Profile:         DUE: 12/22-12/23 EVEN/ODD Deadline: 12/24

*Note: Everything is due before the winter break.

**Column #1 and #4 are HW grades, electronic submission only (but print a copy to bring to class, as we will be meeting with columnist alike groups to compare notes)

***Column #2 and #3 are Formative grades; hard copy AND electronic submission

****Columnist Profile is a Summative grade; hard copy AND electronic submission


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