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Snow Daze [mostly AP Lang]

I trust you are all enjoying the snow. According to my traditional m. o. this post would be an assignment, but I’m letting you all off the hook this time because of the project. I strongly suggest that you draft your op/Ed today. I’ll post a slot for it on after I’m finished shoveling. No due date changes for the project, but odd day classes miss a session. The impact is that even day classes will be at the front end of the lesson sequence instead of odd. Thus, the even day Gatsby presentation of ch2 remains Friday, while odd day gets pushed back one class session to Monday.

I will wait to update reading schedules, etc. until we know if this will be the only snow impact this week. So, in the meantime keep up with the reading according to schedule and use this opportunity to get ahead on the project(s).

Also, I fixed the Gatsby text leader assignments for those of you that switched periods. Please double check your assignment and email me if there are any errors or omissions. You are all expected to present, so failure to do so because you were never assigned is not an excuse and will result in a zero.

As for Honors 10, for now just stay warm. We will be shaving a day from the next novel. If we miss another, expect a reading to be posted with an assignment.


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inauspicious start for some…

I’m not quite sure what occurred, but it looks like several people did not get the message to sign up for My grade book is full of round numbers right now. I will give students until tomorrow morning at 8:00am to remedy the situation and salvage partial credit. Let’s get it together folks.

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Read Fiercely

Young Scholars of AP Lang, et al:

I’ve posted some electronic only materials for your consumption on the course specific page. Yes, optional. Yes, kickass relevant. It’s just not possible to give you a sense of modernism and postmodernism in 90 minutes, so those of you who want to get a better grip on all of this and/or those of you who enjoy reading primo material, this stuff is for you.

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Bethesda Magazine Writing Contest

This one has three categories: Essays, Short Stories, and Poems.

View the information flyer for Essays/Short Stories here

deadline for essays/short stories is January 23rd 2015

View the information flyer for Poetry here

deadline for poetry is February 13th 2015

All the information is also on their website

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Electronic Detritus

Calling all young scholars of my various and sundry classes…many of you have not turned in assignments on I know this because I am obsessive compulsive detail oriented.

As the quarter closes, I will be going through ALL of the assignments that you were supposed to turn in electronically. I will grade the essays that were only turned in electronically (even though I had required a hard copy). Those of you who did not follow directions in this specific way will still receive a grade for your work because my wife said that I should be nice I am compassionate. There will be no grade penalty unless the electronic timestamp shows that the assignment was submitted after the due date. See, I am a bleeding heart nice guy.

However, this also means that I will be assigning grade penalties for assignments that were turned in hard copy but do not have a matching electronic submission. The penalty is an automatic 50%, or in the case of verified plagiarism a 0%.

This policy is outlined on the section regarding grading on the course syllabus.

Do not assume that I will have the time to personally send you an email telling you that you are missing an assignment. I try to do this as much as I can (again, see, how beneficent?) but the semester wanes. I wouldn’t chance it.

If you find that you were missing an assignment and you remedy the situation, you should email me to make sure that I haven’t already finalized that particular assessment.

I hope you enjoyed the snow day today and impending 2 hr delay tomorrow (calling it right now).


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[Hon 10] Remember Dialectical Journals

As I mentioned in class, you are required to complete a dialectical journal for The Piano Lesson. Please make sure that you have a minimum of 12 entries (quotations alongside with your thoughts and analyses). Bring your completed journal to class with you on Monday, January 5th 2015.

You can download and use the same template for the dialectical journal that you did for the Odyssey…just change the name in the title. Or, as soon as I get to a pc, I will upload a new template to the course specific page.

I trust you are enjoying this extended holiday break. Cheers.

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AP Lang (period 4 and 8)

Please remember to bring your Cuckoo’s Nest Dialectical Journals on Monday 1/5/15. Also, make sure that you pick up copies of Silver Chips.

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