Electronic Detritus

Calling all young scholars of my various and sundry classes…many of you have not turned in assignments on turnitin.com. I know this because I am obsessive compulsive detail oriented.

As the quarter closes, I will be going through ALL of the assignments that you were supposed to turn in electronically. I will grade the essays that were only turned in electronically (even though I had required a hard copy). Those of you who did not follow directions in this specific way will still receive a grade for your work because my wife said that I should be nice I am compassionate. There will be no grade penalty unless the electronic timestamp shows that the assignment was submitted after the due date. See, I am a bleeding heart nice guy.

However, this also means that I will be assigning grade penalties for assignments that were turned in hard copy but do not have a matching electronic submission. The penalty is an automatic 50%, or in the case of verified plagiarism a 0%.

This policy is outlined on the section regarding grading on the course syllabus.

Do not assume that I will have the time to personally send you an email telling you that you are missing an assignment. I try to do this as much as I can (again, see, how beneficent?) but the semester wanes. I wouldn’t chance it.

If you find that you were missing an assignment and you remedy the situation, you should email me to make sure that I haven’t already finalized that particular assessment.

I hope you enjoyed the snow day today and impending 2 hr delay tomorrow (calling it right now).



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