Snow Daze [mostly AP Lang]

I trust you are all enjoying the snow. According to my traditional m. o. this post would be an assignment, but I’m letting you all off the hook this time because of the project. I strongly suggest that you draft your op/Ed today. I’ll post a slot for it on after I’m finished shoveling. No due date changes for the project, but odd day classes miss a session. The impact is that even day classes will be at the front end of the lesson sequence instead of odd. Thus, the even day Gatsby presentation of ch2 remains Friday, while odd day gets pushed back one class session to Monday.

I will wait to update reading schedules, etc. until we know if this will be the only snow impact this week. So, in the meantime keep up with the reading according to schedule and use this opportunity to get ahead on the project(s).

Also, I fixed the Gatsby text leader assignments for those of you that switched periods. Please double check your assignment and email me if there are any errors or omissions. You are all expected to present, so failure to do so because you were never assigned is not an excuse and will result in a zero.

As for Honors 10, for now just stay warm. We will be shaving a day from the next novel. If we miss another, expect a reading to be posted with an assignment.


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