Survey results and official changes

The Irony Synthesis essay (by a vote of 24-20) will be counted in the summative category.

Further, upon serious consideration, The Meta-Profile  will be counted as a formative grade. The rationale for this decision is as follows: It was the only responsible and accurate way reflect your grade due to the lost time (snow days and PARCC testing).  Two assignments were canceled to accommodate student workload concerns. In order to mitigate the impact of individual essays, an appropriate number of assignments need to be submitted in the major categories (formative and summative). On the day that Column #3 of the Mighty Columnist Project Part II was canceled, I announced that the Meta-profile would count as a summative grade in all classes. Pre-emptively, in the spirit of compromise, I have changed the point value from 50 to 25 points, in order to reduce impact for any students who may have missed the original change as it was announced in class. It is my understanding that this will be found to be agreeable and beneficial to all interested parties.

To summarize the official revision:

Column #4: Irony Synthesis Essay: 50 point summative; Meta-Profile 25 point formative

However, if you should have a concern, please first check how these decisions impact your grade. If your concern remains, please see me in person.


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