Don’t look so puzzled…

Did you know that Puzzlepalooza was an optional field trip? Among other things, this means that you were responsible for getting your Huck Finn paper in on time, as it was assigned with due dates over a month ago.

You are also responsible for what you missed in class:

1) Getting a copy of Macbeth.

2) Getting the assignment to read it (It should take you between 1-2 hrs to read).

Please understand that the correct reading of this post entails a tone of urgency. By that I mean, we really need to get one last summative assessment in the books in order to meet the course requirement. Don’t sigh so loudly. It is going to be brief. And it is going to be done in class, so that I can spare you the anxiety of sitting in front of your computer screens through the wee hours of the night.

I will give you the details next class. But for now, you should:


read Macbeth in its entirety: here’s a link to an online copy


read the sparknotes: Yeah, I said it. The assessment will entail a close reading of a single scene or soliloquy, so this is ok.


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