AP Lang

Hello young scholars.

All AP Lang class sections now have comments posted on turnitin.com for the initial ekphrasis baseline writing. Please review my annotations and summary remarks. My account will show if you checked in, so please do. If I do not see that each student has completed this 1-2 minute task, I will add an additional formal assignment. Please know that this is not punitive. Rather it is to get you reading my feedback and reflecting on your writing.

Also, please note that a few late transfers have not yet posted their writing. I will not accept any submissions after Wednesday 9/14/16. Additionally, you will need to send me an email note to let me know that you submitted as I have moved on to the next assignment.

And if you are in period 4 or 8, please make sure that you have Poe’s “The Purloined Letter” read for class on Tuesday.


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