AP Lang- Columnist Profile Announcement

It is still due on time.

It has just come to my attention that several of you may have missed my emendation to the shared assignment page. You need not submit a copy of your previous rhetorical analyses nor need you submit the columns. Please ONLY submit the profile itself in hard copy. The rest of the stuff I already have access to on turnitin.com.

Also, please check that you have made your online submissions. There were a few people who submitted hard copies without making the corresponding electronic move. Those papers will earn a 50% unless the change is made. Also, please do not assume that there is some sort of alert that I receive when an old assignment is submitted. Once I finish grading an assignment, I do not look back. Thus, you will need to alert me if you turnitin.com an old assignment.

Don’t think that all the passive voice has gone unnoticed.


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