AP Lang

Hello Scholars:

I know that we are getting to the most hectic part of the year. But we will get through this. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind over Spring Break (SB):

  1. If you missed any one of the Flower Week essays, you are on the honor system to complete them over break. Remember, only one of them will be revised and edited. The others will be assigned a rubric score on your handwritten version. If you have any questions regarding time or anything else, please email.
  2. Most of you will have received your copy of Huck Finn with reading schedule before SB. For those of you who were out, please know that you are reading the first 27 chapters over the break. The reading schedule is posted. I’ve also linked to a good format online version and an audio performance. I strongly suggest that you listen to the book while you read. Twain’s writing attempts to capture the sound of dialect, so hearing it will really help speed of comprehension and enjoyment of the playful language. Also, as an added bonus, if you listen, you know in advance exactly how long it will take you to finish a given section.
  3. Journal assignment: If you looked at the reading schedule you noticed that I assigned something different this time around. No dialectical journal. Instead, I have you writing two informal journal entries, one at about 50% and the other at 100% completion. You may keep any additional notes you wish. However, the purpose of this assignment is to make sure that you are capturing your initial response to the book before the transmogrificative experience of reading the literary criticism for the not-yet-announced research paper. There will be turnitin.com slots.
  4. Polished Flower: Please don’t blow up your entire essay. You should only be spending about an hour doing revision and editing. Aim to get this done in the first weekend of SB and you will find this amount of work to be reasonable. I will make the due date the first Monday of SB, but will accept it as late as Tuesday 4/18. I know this may seem like a lot, but SB is long this year, and we have to get this stuff in before APs begin.
  5. I will be working like a bandit over SB myself, so I sympathize with you and salute your buddha natures. This too shall pass.

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