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The Mighty Columnist Project v.2017 launches

Columnist Project Assignment 

This is the assignment page that I gave out in class. All due dates for the components of the assignment are there. Please note that your first column response is due Monday, November 6th 2017. All dates are for electronic posting to Please turn in hard copies the next class you see me.

Who are the columnists? 

Here’s a quick introduction to the columnists. You can use this as a starting point. I would suggest doing a little more research. Please use this to inform your rankings. You will pick your top three choices, and I will try to grant your first choice. However, you may get your second or third choice depending on various constraints (i.e. I need there to be reasonably sized groups for in-class work). If you get a columnist that you cannot live with, please email or see me immediately.

You will need to submit your Columnist Rankings by Wednesday 11/1, on so that I can assign you a columnist before the weekend. I will post your Columnist Pairings here on my blog.



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AP Lang: Sontag’s “On Photography”

Sontag Prompt

AP Scoring Rubric

Student Sample Essays

AP Scoring Rationale Paragraphs

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AP Lang: please listen to this podcast by next class…

Period 2 & 6 you have until Wed, but period 7 should get this in by Tues.

Elucidations podcast: Episode 86 Daniel Smyth discusses photographs and their vicissitudes

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As I Lay Dying Final: Details

  • between 700-900 words.
  • due: 10/18 (odd), 10/19 (even)
  • deadline: 1 class later.
  • remember to include proper formatting: title, pagination, etc.


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AP Lang

Hey…so it appears that we have an extra period or so for odd day classes. So, that means that we are watching a movie reading and evaluating an argument as to whether or not we are living in a computer simulation. Period 2, so you don’t feel left out, you can access the article here.

Nick Bostrom: Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

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You may now submit your electronic coca-cola essays, posthaste.

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