Lang Study Group

OK everyone. As APs approach, I’m offering to facilitate a study group. I would like it to be decentralized and driven by student need and interest.

Check out AP Central’s repository of Free Response questions. They give you the essays dating back all the way to 1999. Then (although not consistent for every year) they offer scoring guidelines, commentary, performance statistics, and sample student responses that have been graded according to the rubric.

I suggest that you explore. Then, please use the comments to request specific essay questions that you’d like to discuss. Then, when we meet, we’ll take on the questions that have aroused the most interest/controversy first.

You may bring multiple choice questions to work on/discuss, if you wish.

Remember, this is your study group. It will be what you make of it. At this point, I’m swamped with work. I cannot take this on as another class to prepare for. However, if you all chip in a little, I would imagine that this will be very productive and useful.

If you are interested: I have two times available, 6th lunches and after-school (no 9th period this year, but I can stay later if people need and have communicated that there will be a group of students staying). You will have to talk to each other, organize, and let me know.

Two, FREE, full AP Lang practice tests: (thanks to Paul B. Ellis for bringing this to my attention):

Password: blazers

High School Tools–>AP Exams–>Online Practice Tests: English Language and Composition–>Make an account or log in

You get two full practice tests (two mult choice sections, two free response) with scoring at end (I believe).

First meeting: TBA   (update coming soon)

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