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AP Lang: please listen to this podcast by next class…

Period 2 & 6 you have until Wed, but period 7 should get this in by Tues.

Elucidations podcast: Episode 86 Daniel Smyth discusses photographs and their vicissitudes


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As I Lay Dying Final: Details

  • between 700-900 words.
  • due: 10/18 (odd), 10/19 (even)
  • deadline: 1 class later.
  • remember to include proper formatting: title, pagination, etc.


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AP Lang

Hey…so it appears that we have an extra period or so for odd day classes. So, that means that we are watching a movie reading and evaluating an argument as to whether or not we are living in a computer simulation. Period 2, so you don’t feel left out, you can access the article here.

Nick Bostrom: Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

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You may now submit your electronic coca-cola essays, posthaste.

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Dear scholars: 

Blair is having a little trouble with its account. It has to do with the regular, yearly renewal. However, it is on their side and will be straightened out soon. Please, complete (revise/edit) your essays on time. Print and bring to class a hard copy. I will post another note here when the issue has been resolved with a deadline for electronic submission that is appropriately adjusted. 

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As I Lay Dying

AP scholars: 

You got your books one class later than I expected, so push all reading schedule dates back by one class. 

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“Strange Type” by Malcolm Lowry

I wrote: in the dark cavern of our birth. 

The printer had it tavern, which seems better: 

But herein lies the subject of our mirth, 

Since on the next page death appears as dearth.

So it may be that God’s word was distraction, 

Which to our strange type appears destruction, 

Which is bitter.

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