Re-assessment Policy

Though it is not always possible, I try to allow most, if not all, formative grades to be re-assessable…but under the following conditions: 

1) The student is in good standing.  This means that all outstanding assignments have either been completed or excused.

2) The student requests an opportunity for re-assessment in a timely manner. 

3) The student schedules and keeps an appointment with me to discuss the assignment. 

4) Re-assessment is feasible and reasonable.  This means that the re-assessment is not requested so late in the quarter or semester that it is not feasible for me to grade it in time.

5) The student completes any required additional work that may be assigned during the re-assessment meeting.  The reasoning here is that the purpose of re-assessment is not just to get a higher grade, but to actually learn or improve the skills in question.  Learning should always supersede grades.


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