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update: AP Lang

The student self-evaluation questions on Naviance will be a substantive grade. It will be a nice way to get a jump start on your college app process. Please complete this by next class.


Point your web browsers to:

click “Counseling” tab

click “Naviance/Family Connections for Students/Parents”

Log in:

  • Username: six-digit ID number and (i.e.,
  • Password: six-digit ID number (i.e., 123456)



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in memoriam: Fr. Daniel Berrigan S.J.


America is Hard to Find


Hard to find;

wild strawberries swans heron deer

those things we long to be

metamorphosed in and out of our sweet sour skins—

good news housing Herefords holiness


Hard to find; free form men and women

harps hope food mandalas meditation

Hard to find; lost not found rare as radium rent free

uncontrollable uncanny a chorus

Jesus Buddha Moses founding fathers horizons

hope (in hiding)

Hard to find; America

now if America is doing well you may expect Vietnamese to

do well if power is virtuous the powerless will not be marked

for death if the heart of man is flourishing so will plants and

wild animals (But alas alas so also vice versa)

Hard to find. Good bread is hard to find. Of course. The hands

are wielding swords The wild animals fade out like Alice’s cat’s

smile Americans are hard to find the defenseless fade away like

Hundred year pensioners The sour faced gorgons remain…

But listen brothers and sisters this disk floats downward a flying saucer

in the macadam back yard where one paradise tree a hardy weed sends

up its signal flare (spring!)

fly it! turn it on! become

hard to find become be born

out of the sea Atlantis out in the wilds America

This disk like manna miraculous loaves and fishes

exists to be multiplied savored shared

play it! learn it! have it by heart!

Hard to find! where the frogs boom boom in the spring twilight

search for the odor of good bread follow it

man man is near (though hard to find)

a rib cage growing red wild as strawberries a heart!

imagine intelligence imagine peaceable caressing food planting music


hands                    Imagine                                Come in!

P.S.      Dear friends       I choose to be a jail bird (one species is

flourishing) in a kingdom of fowlers

Like strawberries             good


swans herons Great Lakes I shall shortly be

hard to find

an exotic uneasy inmate of the NATIONALLY ENDOWED ELECTRONICALLY


remember me I am

free at large untamable not nearly

as hard to find as America



-Fr. Daniel Berrigan S.J. (May 9, 1921-April 30, 2016)

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Be careful where you do math…

Economist Guido Menzio does math on a plane, is interrogated 

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A truly great man passes…

One of my personal heroes, Fr. Daniel Berrigan S.J., has passed. A full life, but certainly one that merits mourning.

Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan’s column

One of the Great Revolutionaries

A Moral Giant: Remembering Father Dan Berrigan (full special, includes Berrigan reciting a poem, brought tears to my eyes)

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Frankenstein’s Goulash

Re: AP Lang: The Synthesis Essay

If you see the above comment, here’s what went awry:

Instead of a unified essay that advances an original, topical argument by synthesizing the sources (i.e. integrating ideas in the service of claims and rebuttals, {with citations}), your writing is awkwardly cobbled together (i.e. the sources dominate such that finished product presents as vaguely related rhetorical mélange, roughly belletristic grammatical gallimaufry or even: gelatinous stew of fragmentary reflections. With fewer adverbs one might say: sad synthesis salmagundi, patchwork claim conglomerate or even: miscellaneous mucus of variegated verbiage. To wit, analytical anathema.).

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